The Bendigo Chorale is an incorporated body and is managed by an elected Committee, currently consisting of:

President David Wright

Secretary – Peter Phillips

Treasurer – Adrian Schoo

Librarian – Brendan Grinter

Members – Alison Apostolou, Valerie Hall, Helen Lunt and Heather Stanmore 

Musical Director – Elena Varshavskaya

Accompanist – Rosa Hwang

The Musical Director is appointed by the Committee.

The Musical Director has responsibility for:
   – taking weekly rehearsals
   – conducting at concerts except when an outside conductor is engaged
   – programme selection in consultation with the Committee
   – selection of guest artists in consultation with the Committee
   – maintaining or improving the current standard of the choir’s work
   – preparing the choir for at least two public performances each year.

Terms of appointment:
   – there would be a 6 month probationary period
   – the initial appointment would be for two years
   – termination of the appointment would be by the Musical Director or the Committee giving 3 months notice
   – honorarium by negotiation.

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